How it began . . .

It began six years ago when Philip Newman, and Christopher Jordan, decided on a plan to revive the solar technology of the Ancients. Christopher, a scientist, was of the opinion that the established views of the historians, and the predominantly Jewish religion of the distributors, would be undermined once the facts about ancient buildings were known.  With that in mind he saw little point in attempting to publish the results of his long research, and testing, in the certain knowledge that his work would be confined to narrow platforms with little credibility.

Philip,  a fiction writer, took a different approach. “We don’t need to fight the establishment,” he told Chris, “we just need to tell the people. We don’t need a big science book backed by academics; we just need a good story.” So it was decided to write a novel, but to do that they needed a hero. At first they thought to use Herodotus, the Greek roving reporter of around 500 BCE, but he was too distant. They needed someone modern, preferably sexy, with whom the modern reader could identify. In the end they decided they  didn’t need a hero, they needed a heroine. They needed Meira McMahon.

In their first book, Meira & The Language Stone, I find my father, but more than that, I find myself, and my mother’s role in world affairs. I also learn of my enemies; the adventures begin.


About Meira

Meira is the Matriarch, the oldest, and wisest of all administrations. She is the recipient of her mother's memories, and her mother's mother's memories to a time before the great volcanoes. She holds the knowledge of the Ancients solar technologies that sustained communities for more than 50 millennia, and understands the functions of the pyramids and the great temple complexes. Soon she will return to administer the Earth in the fashion of our ancestors when lives were long and intelligence was paramount.
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